Kittens & Adult Cats Available

Kittens Available

Please contact me for available kittens.

All kittens are born in the home with loving care and attention. Many toys and a cat wheel are available for play and exercise.
All kittens are: - 

Our Somalis and Abyssinians are indoor only.
Kittens may leave after their second vaccination at 14 weeks of age to join their new family.
Support and advice are available from that time onwards.
Emails, photos and progress reports from Ikati Somali cat owners are always welcome. 

Retired breeding cats may be available for adoption - please enquire

Ikati Kittens
Available August 2021

Tawny Aby Male "Lennie" (Born 15th May 2021)

Adult Cats
Available August 2021

Tawny Somali Female  "Jiana" (born 2nd October 2017)